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Partly it's because it allows for a bit of "Really? " surprise, a load of clunky awkwardness and the possibility that one day, the hot girl's going to leg it into the sunset with Joshua Jackson. It's also because the (male) TV writer likes to believe that he too could have scored with the cheerleader if she'd only noticed him back then – and he now wants to live vicariously through his characters. There's also the omnipresent industry double standard (particularly in sitcoms) that requires average-looking men to have scorching hot wives and girlfriends, but only rarely the reverse.(In fact the only exceptions we can think of are Would never pull: Rachel Green Ross was so out of Rachel's league that about 10 years of him being in love with her had passed before the point was hammered home with an old-school VHS.The song below puts it so well: The way I see it, it’s okay to be gay, regardless of who you are, whether famous or Ordinary Joe.It’s not for me to judge what you do in your spare time.Would it make a difference to you as a fan of the man and his work? What’s it to do with sex life just because they could?Maybe, if Richard Armitage was gay, he would be another case of “all the best ones are either taken or gay“, although at the moment … Not like bachelorhood means anything except for “not currently in a relationship”. It would certainly spoil the fantasy a bit if he was gay, I suppose. If he wants to be in a relationship and finds someone (woman OR man) who loves him unconditionally, I’ll be delighted for him, because he deserves to be happy.Somewhere out there, there might be a very lucky lad instead of a very lucky lass who will one day capture the man’s heart.And as long as Richard Armitage is happy, whatever he chooses to do with his life, I think we should be happy for him, because fans should be supportive – not bitch about his private life.

See, if you take that “evidence” into consideration, you’re really just clutching at straws, and why that is, I’m not sure I want to know. Is there really any evidence of him being either gay a heterosexual, judging from what he’s said in interviews, but what if it turned out that he isn’t?He’s bound to be catapulted into stardom, which is fantastic.I don’t wish to be a part of potentially harming his prospects (where fans are concerned, more than anything – I’m not delusional enough to think one of my blog posts could impact his chances of getting hired in the slightest!Not that it matters to me personally in any way, shape or form, because I don’t know the man in person.Then again, he hit on Keira Knightley thinking she was Natalie Portman when doing that EDIT 10/11 December 2012: I’ve closed the commenting section for this post and decided to hide the existing comments. This was not a decision taken lightly, as I think debate is good and healthy – and, naturally, I like people commenting on my blog posts.

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The couple had two sons together, Michael, 20, and Daniel, 19.

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Chatting is a really good way to have a relaxed conversation with anyone you like and find out if that person is worth your attention.

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Dating should be taken seriously like it used to be. Wouldn’t you rather have one awesome person who’ll always be there for you than someone new every week whom you couldn’t care less about? When you’re out with someone you like and they’re on their phone the whole time. This has to be my favorite old-school love tradition.