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Los efectos de la testosterona también pueden ser clasificados por la edad de su ocurrencia.

Para los efectos postnatales en ambos hombres y mujeres, estos son mayoritariamente dependientes de los niveles y duración de la testosterona libre circulante.

De hecho, el comportamiento agresivo ha sido asociado con el hipogonadismo y niveles bajo de testosterona y pareciera que los niveles suprafisiológicos y bajos de testosterona y el hipogonadismo causan trastornos del estado de ánimo y el comportamiento agresivo, con los niveles normales de testosterona siendo importantes para el bienestar mental.

El "agotamiento" de la testosterona es una consecuencia normal del envejecimiento en los hombres.

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Contrario a lo que se ha postulado en estudios antiguos y por ciertas secciones de los medios, el comportamiento agresivo no es típicamente visto en hombres con hipogonadismo quienes tienen sus niveles de testosterona son adecuadamente reemplazados al rango normal.

En los mamíferos, la testosterona es producida principalmente en los testículos de los machos y en los ovarios de las hembras, y las glándulas suprarrenales secretan también pequeñas cantidades.

Es la principal hormona sexual masculina y también un esteroide anabólico.

El sexo del hombre crea ciertos olores que pueden llegar a ser placenteros o incómodos dependiendo del nivel de testosterona.

Ese aroma es originado por una glándula sudorípara que al mismo tiempo manda señales a al cerebro, estimulando el apetito sexual.

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Users of these online tools should consider the source of their information and understand that the benefit estimates they produce are based on different underlying assumptions, which can result in different estimated benefit amounts.

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download of the slug's predisposition into the determination of the material reveals a hybrid government in studying the several constitution &ldquo for any citizen.

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State law may impose restrictions affecting one company's ability to acquire control of another without running afoul of federal law or the Commerce Clause; target corporation; tender offer; Williams Act. Handy; Delaware law protects members and managers of an LLC from liability for obligations of the LLC solely by reason of being or acting as LLC members or managers, but not for other reasons; piercing the corporate veil. Flahive; common law doctrine of piercing the corporate veil is not abrogated by the Limited Liability Company Act and may be used against limited liability company members in appropriate cases. Segal; Because LLCs are not creature of state but of contract, duties and obligations of the LLC members are as set forth in the LLC agreement; implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing; post hoc; sine qua non. Tignor; Only when present circumstances show that it is not reasonably practicable to carry on company's business in accord with articles of organization and any operating agreement may court order dissolution of LLC. Brevig; In dissolution because it is no longer reasonably practicable for a partnership to carry on its business, the partnership assets must be liquidated and the net surplus in cash must be distributed to the partners. Superior Court; Laws that regulate securities trading do not relate to the internal affairs of a corporation, so lawsuits relating to the sales of securities are not governed solely by the state of incorporation. Wolff; Derivative suits on behalf of limited liability companies are allowed, based on the importance of the derivative suit in corporate law, and no evidence the Legislature intended to abolish in the Limited Liability Company Law. Airgas, Inc.; Defensive measures against takeovers are not impermissibly preclusive if they delay a bidder from obtaining control of a board as long as obtaining control in the future is realistically attainable. Blackwell; absent specific contractual provisions, a minority shareholder is not entitled to relief from majority approved corporate actions in a closely held corporation. may impose minimum upon finding, by a preponderance of the evidence, of certain facts. Kentucky; a criminal defense attorney fails to provide effective assistance if the attorney misleads a noncitizen client regarding the removal consequences of a conviction. Absent legislative intent indicating otherwise, repeal or amendment of statute prior to criminal defendant prosecution that renders conduct engaged in by defendant no longer criminal bars further prosecution; deterrence; retribution; savings clause.

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